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Losing Grace
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 About Us 

Here's a brief bio on the band members...

Jasyon Jennion

For the last six years, I have been working and gigging at various places in Queenstown, and have been hoping to set up a band that would be successful in the South Island. I have spent some time teaching guitar, privately and in schools, and am now currently attending the Southern Institute of Technology as a music student. This is to further my education in the field of music and provide a basis for my future in the New Zealand music industry. I am making myself known to people who will help point me in the right direction and help me attain my goals. Putting myself and Rachael out in the open will help to get us exposed and seen by those who can appreciate a good live musical performance.

Rachael Malcolm

For the last two years I have been working on my ambition to be a successful musician and broadcaster. This has involved playing keyboards in various bands around Invercargill and a year in Christchurch working as a production assistant at Tahu FM, as well as volunteer work at Radio Southland. I have chosen to take at least a year to improve my musical performance skills, and decided to take the National Certificate in Contemporary Music at the SIT in Invercargill. I am finding this very helpful in obtaining my goals. My goal for this band is to get myself and Jasyon out there into the public and to hone my performance skills as much as possible, as well as enjoying entertaining you!!!